USA Cycling 2018 Pro Champion: The Newly-Crowned Jonny Brown

July 16, 2018

We watched Jonny Brown attack the breakaway with a lap and a half left at the 2018 USA Cycling Pro Championships in Knoxville, TN and knew we had to get him on the show.

A Tennessee native and current Knoxville resident, the 21-year old Brown is the youngest rider ever to win the "Stars and Stripes" jersey for the U.S. national champion. His cycling history started early. His dad was a former pro, and his brother Nate was the first Tennessean to race in the Tour de France with EF Education First Drapac.

Jonny has spent that last three seasons with the Pro Continental team Hagens Berman Axeon, founded by Lance Armstrong and currently owned and managed by Axel Merckx (son of the legendary Eddy Merckx).

We talked with Jonny about:

  • His level of confidence attacking off the front in Knoxville
  • The two most important lessons he's learned from Axel Merckx
  • His initially difficult transition from youth national champion at age 17 and 18 into the pro ranks
  • His breakthrough 2018 season and what's to come
  • What he likes to eat after a long ride (what's on just about every athlete's mind)
  • What he does for fun when not on his bike (he's a bit of a Craiglist addict)
  • Most flat tires in a single day
  • Max speed (you'll have to convert from kilometers though)
  • The strangest thing he ever saw while riding his bike
  • If he had to enter a criterium races on fat tire beach bikes or big wheel penny farthings, which would he choose?

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“Mr. XTERRA” and SwimRun Standout Marcus Barton

July 9, 2018

Marcus Barton has made a quite a journey in the off-road triathlon scene. From training on a $50 used mountain bike before his first race to taking podiums at races all over the U.S. and abroad, he's become known as a formidable opponent as well as a friendly face to veterans and newcomers alike. 

He was named "Mr. XTERRA" in 2016 for exemplifying the values of community and volunteerism that off-road triathlon espouses. 

Recently, he's added SwimRun events to his already-busy XTERRA race calendar, and he wasted no time taking on the toughest races available, including Rockman and ÖTILLÖ

Check out his blog at (where you can also find links to his other social media). 


Shred the Highest Mountains with MTB Pro Kaysee Armstrong

July 2, 2018

Kaysee Armstrong a pro mountain biker with the the Liv Trail Squad team. She won the grueling Trans Andes stage race in 2017 and 2018 and swept the collegiate mountain bike nationals a few years ago. She also helps others get hooked on mountain biking through her involvement in the Bell Joyride Clinics, the Little Bellas cycling program, and the Smokey Mountain Bears middle and high school mountain bike teams.

Some topics covered  include:

  • Her unusual path into collegiate mountain biking
  • Her experience of being the only mountain biker on a road biking team
  • Winning five national titles in two days at the college national championships
  • Wins at Trans Andes in 2017 and 2018
  • The unexpected turn of events that got her to race in India in the Himalayas
  • Cultural differences she experienced as a female competitor
  • Teaching kids to mountain bike with Little Bellas, Bell Joy Ride and Smokey Mountain Bears mountain bike team.
  • Upcoming races for 2018

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Round Table: Inside the Twisted Mind of a First-Time 140.6 Triathlete

June 25, 2018

In this impromptu roundtable, one-and-done Ironman Derek Tingle quizzes host Chris Gerard at the eight-week-out mark from his first 140.6 at Michigan Titanium

Chris Gerard's pain face near the end of the Hal Canfield DKX Milefest 2018

Many topics were covered, most resulting in incredulous laughter on Derek's part. 

  • His questionable training choices swimming and biking last winter
  • How a different  approach helped in the first 70.3 of the season
  • How he's adjusting to the calmer, slower pace needed for the 140.6
  • How his training has changed to tackle the full
  • How he can put up with the most repetitive of courses
  • For the first time on the podcast, Chris tells "The Mountain Bike Century" story. If you do nothing else, skip to about the 35 minute mark and revel in the naivete and stupidity of Chris's first century ride. 


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Strength Training for Triathletes with Patrick Morris

June 18, 2018

Patrick Morris is the Performance Lab Director at Podium Sports Medicine, certified personal trainer and brand-new triathlete!

He stopped by the show to talk about:

  • Why triathletes are historically bad at strength training (a struggle he understands even better now after taking up triathlon)
  • What priorities triathletes should have with strength training (and how those may differ from traditional strength training
  • New testing protocols in use in his performance lab
  • His impressions of triathlon during his first season

Follow Patrick on Instragram and stop by to see him at Podium to learn how to build total-body strength and wellness for your endurance sports pursuits. 


Lori Nedescu — Pro Cyclist, Marathoner, Instagrammer and Recovering Triathlete

June 11, 2018

Lori Nedescu is a pro cyclist, elite marathoner, and has created quite a buzz on Instagram with her amazing pictures of healthy, portable recipes and her adventures travelling and living out of a retrofitted van. 

In this episode, we talk to Lori about: 

  • Travelling and living out of a retrofitted van
  • How she handles nutrition with limited space and cooking facilities on the road
  • How she's influenced the nutrition habits of teammates on the Welland Racing pro cycling team
  • Balancing her job with her extensive travel
  • Breaking the three hour mark (on four occasions) in the marathon
  • Training for the Rim2Rim2Rim Ultra Marathon in the Grand Canyon
  • Her foray into triathlon (and why she decided to focus on one sport at a time)
  • Her favorite race experiences (not the time she got hypothermia during an Alpine descent in France)


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Triathlete and Coach Kristen Seymour of Fit Bottomed Girls

June 4, 2018

On this show, we talk to Kristen Seymour, co-owner of the Fit Bottomed Girls brand. The site just celebrated it's 10th year with a new look and a combination of their sites into one. Kristen is a triathlete and USAT Level One Coach and writes extensively on nutrition, goal setting, and many other topics. She's heard weekly on the Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast

  • The Fit Bottomed Girls story (yes, the name is based on the Queen song)
  • Kristen's path into triathlon
  • How she decided to become a USAT Level One coach
  • How she approaches race goal-setting for herself and her athletes 
  • A recent article she wrote for Coeur about balancing triathlon with socializing with your non-triathlon friends (if you've got any, that is ;)
  • How joining a track club made training more social and enjoyable for her
  • Her take on "Doga" (Yoga with Dogs) for USA Today (which then spun off into a five minute detour into talking about pets:) )


Follow Kristen online on Twitter: (@kgseymour ) and weekly on the Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast. Find her writing on the Fit Bottomed Girls website and in many other health, fitness and general interest publications. 


Record-Breaking Masters Runner and Coach Pete Magill

May 30, 2018

Pete Magill is pretty darn fast for an old guy. OK, that should really read "record-breakingly fast." 

After a nearly two-decade hiatus from running working jobs that were not terribly friendly to fitness (nightclub manager on an island and screenwriter in California) and battling through some substance abuse issues, Pete made a roaring comeback in the master's running circuit, setting the 5K world record for athletes 49 and up with a 14:45 performance. 

He also holds American records for 5K, 10K and the second-fastest half-marathon time for those 50 and up. 

Running on a masters cross-country team built his interest in coaching, and he just released his third book (SpeedRunner). 

We talked about: 

  • Why leg speed is so critical (and often overlooked)
  • Adapting training for short and long distance runners
  • Why strength training is essential
  • How to avoid overuse injures in what can be a grinding sport
  • Tips for runners 40+ to keep healthy and uninjured
  • His work with the California Triathlon Club (and why the heck he hasn't done a triathlon yet!


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Dr. Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson on “The Brave Athlete” (Rebroadcast)

May 21, 2018

(This interview first aired in June of 2017)

Dr. Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson are the dynamic duo behind Braveheart Coaching and the new book The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion (2017, VeloPress).

Lesley is a three-time off road triathlon champion, Ironman champion, coach, actress and screenwriter. Simon is a PhD. and former professor at University of California at San Diego and San Diego State. He's written extensively and currently provides performance psychology support for the BMC Pro Cycling team.


The Show

Increasing mental performance is not just for the elite athlete--age groupers of any level can benefit greatly by harnessing the power of their mind. Conversely, they can suffer ill effects when certain parts of their brain use fear, anxiety, and poor self-image to sabotage their efforts.

Simon and Lesley talk about some of their unique approaches, formed from plenty of formal education and research, and tested by the mentally demanding lifestyle of a professional athlete. Some topics include:

  • "Textbook" approaches to mental performance that may not work as advertised
  • The importance of developing a mature athletic identity
  • The use of an "Alter Ego" to help athletes "fake it 'til they make it"
  • Why "Motivation Monday" social media posts are really not that motivational (and sometimes just plain suck)
  • How social media and comparing yourself to someone's idealized "presentation" can be very harmful to your self-image
  • Using triggers, rituals and rewards to create new positive habits



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Endurance Athlete Entrepreneur: Orange Mud’s Josh Sprague

May 14, 2018

Josh Sprague grew up with the crazy adventure that an outdoorsy life in a small town brings.  His passion for design and "taking what sucks about a product and making it better" combined with his passion for endurance sports to create Orange Mud

From humble beginnings and hand-stitched prototypes in 2012, Orange Mud has become known worldwide as the purveyor of premium hydration products for serious endurance athletes. They've branched off into other products as well, such as their transition wrap which provides convenience,  privacy and may save you an indecent exposure charge on your record ;)  

Through the craziness of working in medical device sales, founding Orange Mud, and having young kids at home, Josh has continued to train for crazy events (100 and 200 mile gravel bike rides and 100 mile trail runs are all on the docket for this year). Coffee helps, and we talked about the story of how he bought the most awesome coffee machine available to man to help "save time" in the Starbucks line. (His wife may or may not have bought that line).  

Now through 5/21/18 at 12pm Eastern, click here to enter to win a $25 gift card for Orange Mud, and for the next 30 days, enter "LITP15" at checkout to save 15% off all Orange Mud products.